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Oh, you do smell good.

27. října 2009 v 20:29 -Avatary
opět po delší době jsem se rozhodla přidat nějaká článek na blog. Přidávám vám 11 zbrusu nových avatrů, které jsem vyráběla ve photoshopu. První je s Elizabeth Reaser, další 4 jsou se Scarlett Johanson a posledních šest s Emmou Watson, Rupertem Grintem, Danielem Radcliffem a Bonnie Wright
Avatry se mi moc nelíbí, ale musím uznat, že se mi líb víc než ty moje první výtvory.
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I remember

13. října 2009 v 11:45
My stay in the High Tatras
I went to the High Tatras´2years ago, with my parents and sister on holiday. It was wonderful. For two week we were canoing on the Bela river. Canoing and camping are my favourite hobies. We started our journey in a small town, of which I can not remember its name. What I do remember is that they had the best Kofola that I have ever drank.
The first day was wonderful. The countryside was slunning. There, rhere was nobody. Our first evening was spent in a forest, where we pitched out tents and had a meal of bread, tin of pork and onion. The next day we continued down river. The solitude, the rushing river, the breath taking scenery, was just marvellous. On the third day we came to very small village, where bought more bread and tin of pork, and camped in a very small campsite.
My mother said "It is a horrible place, I don´t like it." We were camped next to a fast railway line, and in a military airforce zone.
My father took the train to, where we had left our
car, drove back for us, and then we went to Liptovská Mara and Štrbské pleso.
In Liptovský mikuláš was a big suprise- the biggest Aqua Park in Europe! They had a lot of waterslides, and my favourites were Kamikatze, The Black hole and The Flying jump. My sister and I loved it, but my poor mother suffered. The weather was cold raining and foggy.
We toured around the National Park, and on the last day we were in Štrbské Pleso, where tere is a magical lake also there is the a large skiing complex, where about 20/30 years ago they held tje International Ski Championsships. Štrbské Pleso was a typical communistic town that now is run-down and dirty. We then left Slovakia and went to Beskydy in CZ.
This holiday was the most enjoyable that I have ever had.

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12. října 2009 v 15:54
jsem nemocná a jelikož nemám stále nic dělat, jsem se rozhodla vyrobyt pár kusů grafiky. Nevím, jestli je dobrá nebo ne, tak bych ocenila vaše názory.


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